September 5, 2023

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Ryan Woolley
Randy Epstein
Michael Costello
Graham Paul Wooden
Tyler Coates

Not in attendance:

David Temkin

Meeting commenced at 6:08pm Eastern.

Ryan spoke to our Arista sales rep and sales engineer and discussed additional hardware needs in Miami.

Ryan moved to accept the minutes from the June meeting. Tyler and Graham seconded, and the motion passed.

Ryan outlined the agenda: Follow up on the changes to the Bylaws, elections coming up and spend related to the hardware needs in Miami.

Randy brought up capacity issues with the LAN IP space at FL-IX as it’s getting tight.

Michael brought up the topic of putting more community in Community IX, and bringing on more volunteers.

Ryan, Randy and the board discussed the LAN IP capacity issue at FL-IX. Options are obtaining a /23 from ARIN or potentially acquiring the IP space of another IX that has the adjacent /24. Randy will look into both options. Additionally, Randy will
work on merging the ARIN assets that are in FL-IX’s original corporate name.

Ryan discussed the need for a second Arista 7289 for our Equinix-MI1 POP due to 100G port growth. Ryan spoke to our Arista reps on various options and the 7289 was the best way forward financially.

Michael discussed the need for additional technical committee volunteers with the Board. Michael knows someone in Atlanta that could be interested. Michael will reach out to him. Graham also knows someone who might be interested within his org
and will reach out to him.

Michael discussed the status of the server upgrade project and the need for Miami to be online as well for vRep back-ups between the two sites. Final step is that Randy still needs to move two 40G-PLR4 optics on the switch to make this happen.
Additionally, Michael would like to add copper ethernet between the Dell servers and the OG, as well as the Dell server passwords. Randy also needs to replace a bad Fabric Controller in the 7504N when he’s down there. Randy’s planning a trip to
Miami to get all this done as soon as possible.

Ryan provided an update on the changes to the Bylaws that were accepted and published.

Ryan discussed the upcoming election date with the Board. Randy determined it’s not required until mid-2024 and will continue to work on that, including providing a vendor to perform the election. Ryan brought up staggering term dates. Randy
brought up the need to assign eligible voters per member org.

Ryan brought up our tangible tax bill in Miami. Randy provided an update.

Ryan moved to adjourn, and Randy seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 6:44pm Eastern.