June 27, 2023

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Ryan Woolley
Randy Epstein
David Temkin
Michael Costello

Not in attendance:

Graham Paul Wooden
Tyler Coates

Meeting commenced at 12:03pm Eastern.

Ryan moved to accept the minutes from the May meeting. Randy seconded, and the motion passed.

Michael provided a positive update on the VMware upgrades and move in Atlanta.

Randy provided an update on Miami to-do list. All items are complete with the exception of some member low-light troubleshooting.

Ryan provided an update on Atlanta switch changes.

Ryan discussed By-Law changes with the Board members. The Board recommended some further modifications as well. The Motions for the By-Law changes will be emailed to Board members and a vote will be held via email.

A discussion was held on compensation for the Executive Director, and Ryan provided financial and other information to the Board.

Ryan also discussed two Resolutions with the Board related to creating a Compensation Committee. The Board recommended some further modifications to the Resolutions. A vote was held on the two Resolutions and they passed. Randy abstained.

The Compensation Committee will meet the following day and report back to the Board via email.

The Board discussed the situation with Paro and a decision was made to cancel their services immediately. Randy will notify them.

Ryan moved to adjourn and Dave seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 12:47pm Eastern.