October 1, 2019

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Ryan Woolley
Marco Medugno
Randy Epstein
Tyler Coates

Not in attendance:
David Temkin

Meeting commenced at 6:08pm Eastern

Motion to approve minutes from the August 6, 2019 meeting made by Ryan, seconded by Tyler. Motion passed.

Discussed status of agreement with ColoATL.  Tyler will reach out again to seek an update.

Ryan and Randy, provided an update on behalf of the Technical Committee, including that:
The deployment to Edgeconnex in Miami was completed.
The deployment of IXP Manager v5 and RPKI filtering was completed.
IRR filtering will be deployed over time, and will begin with new customers initially.

An agreement was made to target disconnection for non-paying customers by end of year.

Motion to adjourn made by Ryan, seconded by Tyler.

Meeting adjourned at 6:27pm.