May 3, 2022

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Ryan Woolley
Randy Epstein
Tyler Coates
Michael Costello
Graham Paul Wooden

Not in attendance:

David Temkin

Meeting commenced at 6:00pm Eastern.

Ryan moved to accept the minutes from the Apr meeting. Graham seconded, and the motion passed.

Michael and Randy discussed the Dell server hardware and a timeframe for purchase. Ryan thinks we should order them now.

Michael, Randy and Ryan discussed VMware maintenance.

Randy and Ryan discussed the Arista hardware needed for Equinix-MI1 (mia002).

A vote was held on purchasing additional Arista gear in Q1/2023. Randy seconded, and the motion passed.

A discussion was held with the group regarding some other exchanges and pricing.

Tyler moved to adjourn the meeting and Michael seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 6:29pm Eastern.