May 17, 2018

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David Temkin
Randy Epstein
Tyler Coates
Ryan Woolley

Not in attendance:
Marco Medugno

Meeting commenced at 12:11 PM EDT.

Election of officers:
David Temkin agreed to continue as Chair and to be Corporate Treasurer. Tyler Coates agreed to continue as Vice Chair. Ryan Woolley agreed to be Corporate Secretary.
The slate was accepted as proposed.

Old Business:
Agreed to Telx proposal for colocation in Atlanta.
Ryan Woolley provided an update on progress for installation of a switch in Equinix MI1. Expected completion in three weeks.
Agreed to discussion with Equinix about access for customers in MI2. Randy and Tyler will lead.

New Business:
Motion to abolish Advisory Board by David Temkin, seconded by Randy Epstein. Motion passed.
Motion by Ryan Woolley to add Randy Epstein to the Technical Committee, seconded by David Temkin. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 12:41 PM EDT.