March 1st, 2022

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Ryan Woolley
Randy Epstein
Michael Costello
Graham Paul Wooden

Not in attendance:

David Temkin
Tyler Coates

Meeting commenced at 6:05pm Eastern.

Ryan moved to accept the minutes from the Nov meeting. Randy seconded, and the motion passed.

Old business:

Randy reported that Equinix installed bulkheads in AT1. AT2/3 are pending. Will follow-up with them this week on completion date.

Randy reported that we are now MANRS certified.

Ryan and Randy discussed the American Tower agreement regarding tie-pairs and Randy will go back to discuss with them.

New business:

Ryan reported that the new switch was installed at EdgeConneX Miami (EDCMIA001) and is online. Members have been moved to it. The Infinera is still in place as there are issues with the new dark fiber paths from Crown Castle. Randy let Ryan know that there is a
maintenance tonight to address the Crown Castle fiber issue that required a police escort to complete.

Michael gave a report on new servers to replace the aging SuperMicro servers. Randy will look into a Dell Enterprise account.

Michael asked Ryan for an update on a potential member NDA. Ryan wants to have legal work on a standard NDA that is take-it-or-leave-it for this and future potential members that request an NDA. Randy will reach out to the corporate attorneys. Ryan will send Randy the NDA used with another large member to use as a template.

Ryan moved to adjourn the meeting and Michael seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 6:38pm Eastern.