July 29, 2015

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David Temkin
Ryan Donnelly
Randy Epstein
Adam Rothschild
Tyler Coates

Meeting commenced at 12:10 PM EDT.

Ryan discusses structure of the corporation. Name will be Community IX Holdings, Inc. Need to apply for a Tax Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service. Netflix funded bank account with $10,000.
A check was sent to the attorneys to file for 501(c)(6) status.

Ryan brought up that we are not in a position to charge customers for services. Group discussed need to possibly charge some members taking additional ports. Ryan states we are not in a position to take payments at this moment.
Suggested donations is a possible model, if only temporary.

Dave brought up expansion to Atlanta. Discussion centered around Telx cross connect model and design.

Ryan brought up that members in both Miami and Atlanta can vote entirely as one.

Dave made Motion to continue investigation into launching CIX-ATL (Atlanta expansion). Motion seconded by Tyler. All ayes. Passed.

Ryan asked Randy to create subfolder for FL-IX documents and include minutes.

Meeting adjourned at 12:36 PM EDT.