Community IX is now accepting members in Atlanta!

CIX-ATL allows ISPs, content providers and enterprises to quickly, cost effectively and easily exchange IP traffic at several sites in metro Atlanta.

CIX-ATL is open to all participants with networks located in the facilities listed to the right.
  • DataBank (formerly zColo), 1100 White St SW, Atlanta
  • Digital Realty (formerly Telx), 56 Marietta St NW, Atlanta
  • EdgeConneX (EDCATL01), 1003 Donnelly Ave SW, Atlanta
  • EdgeConnex (EDCATL02), 1101 Donnelly Ave SW, Atlanta
  • Equinix (AT1), 180 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta
  • Equinix (AT2/3), 56 Marietta St NW, Atlanta
  • American Tower (formerly Colo Atl), 55 Marietta St NW, Atlanta
  • Cogent Atlanta, 55 Marietta St NW, Atlanta (available via the Colo Atl MMR)
  • QTS Data Centers (Atlanta-Metro), 1033 Jefferson St NW, Atlanta
  • QTS Data Centers (Atlanta-Suwanee), 300 Satellite Blvd, Suwanee

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