February 6th, 2024

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Ryan Woolley
Randy Epstein
Graham Paul Wooden
Michael Costello

Not in attendance:

David Temkin
Tyler Coates

Meeting commenced at 6:07pm Eastern.

Ryan moved to accept the minutes from the January meeting. Graham seconded, and the motion passed.

Old Business:

ARIN: Randy reported that the /23 has been applied for and it’s pending review by ARIN.

DWDM in Atlanta: Ryan reports this has been completed.

Finances: Arista invoices for two chassis switches have been paid. Only pending invoice is for two small switches. Randy will move up payment since there’s plenty of money in the bank.

Ryan will get with Arista account manager on maintenance renewals.

Randy reported that the new CPA has been onboarded into the accounting platform, and she will start working on our 990 and TPP filings within the next few weeks or so.

Randy hasn’t gotten to the voting planform decision yet. Will work on it soon.

New Business:

Discussion regarding the maintenances required in Miami to recover a switch from DataBank and install it at EdgeConneX, as well as the migration to the new chassis switches at Equinix-MI1.

Discussion regarding the IX LAN transition in Miami with the group.

Ryan moved to adjourn, and Michael seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 6:35pm Eastern.