Technical Specifications

Media Types

CIX-ATL offers services on the following physical media:

  • 10GE LR over SMF
  • 100GE LR4 over SMF
Route Server

By announcing their routes to the route servers, members can begin immediately exchanging traffic with other route server participants without configuring individual BGP sessions.

Members who wish to connect to the route servers should disable enforce-first-as on the route server BGP sessions.

The route servers are:

IPv4 IPv6 ASN Platform 2001:504:40:12::1:4 63221 BIRD 2001:504:40:12::1:5 63221 BIRD

By default, all routes advertised by members to the route server are sent to all other members. Members who wish to control distribution of their routes may do so using these BGP communities:

Description Community
Prevent announcement of a route to a specific peer 0:peer-asn
Announce a route to a specific peer 63221:peer-asn
Prevent announcement of a route to all peers 0:63221
Announce a route to all peers 63221:63221

For example, a route with the communities 0:63221, 63221:64501, and 63221:64502 would be sent only to route server peers with ASNs 64501 or 64502.

MAC Filtering

CIX-ATL implements MAC filtering using layer 2 access control lists to protect the infrastructure against loops. Members who intend to swap routers or otherwise change their MAC address should coordinate this change in advance with the CIX-ATL NOC. In the event of an after-hours emergency necessitating a MAC change, members should contact the CIX-ATL NOC for assistance.

Permitted Traffic

FL-IX will accept and forward from member ports traffic with Ethertypes of:

  • 0x0800 IPv4
  • 0x86dd IPv6
  • 0x0806 ARP

CIX-ATL Network Diagram